Meet Ellie

Meet Ellie the Extraordinary Wienerdog





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Have you read every page of the Life’s Little Lessons books? Are you a big time fan of Ellie the Wienerdog? Do you ever wonder about her day to day life? What she eats? Her likes and dislikes? Well now is your chance to find out the answers to any and all of your questions. There is no such thing as a silly question.

Ask her anything and everything!

Then, join us below as we ask Ellie your most preferred questions and very carefully, record exactly what she says in response.  Then follow the fun as Ellie the Wienerdog answers your fan questions in her own sassy style!

Meet Ellie the Extraordinary Wienerdog and ask her your questions:

What is your favorite food? Is this a trick? I <3 ALL food. Well except mushrooms. Blech!

Who is your best friend? Well, I’ll tell you who isn’t best friend…SQUIRRELS!

Do you have a favorite game? Does begging count? No? Well then, my favorite game would be “find it.” (the it being a treat, of course.)

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Meet Ellie, the Extraordinary Wienerdog who inspired the Book Series!

“Inspiration can come in many shapes and forms.

Mine happens to be one foot tall, two feet long with a lot of attitude!

Meet my muse, Ellie the Wienerdog.” – K.J. Hales