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  • Ellie the Wienerdog’s Tooth Care Coloring Page

    Ellie Tooth Care Coloring Page

    If you want good teeth, CHOMP, CHOMP, CHOMP, you have to look after them!  I know no one likes going to the dentist (even me).  The best way to make it a good experience is to look after your teeth BEFORE  you climb in the dentist’s chair.  I’ve got a super fun way to remember […]

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    Whew, I SURVIVED SHARK WEEEEEK! (That should be a t-shirt don’t you think?) Now for a little R&R with a good soak and a pawsome book. Let’s see what Seamore the Shark is up to now in “It’s Hard to Swim.”! Know someone who would love this? We would love to be introduced to them! […]

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  • Teacher’s Guide for It’s Hard to Swim

    It's Hard to Swim Teacher's Guide

    Spend one week with Ellie in the classroom to help your students better understand what it means to be courageous, to explore and experience life with fear of failure.  Children will build a sense of trust in their own intuition, over time learning to take notice of what feels right or wrong for them and […]

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  • Ellie’s Encouragement Notes

    Share Some Purple Pup Love! Brighten someone’s day with a note of encouragement. Print ???? Color ???? Share ???? Add a personal note on the back and inspire a smile! Happy Sharing! ~Ellie the Wienerdog

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  • Hard to Swim – Retell the Story Game

    Can You Retell Ellie’s Story “It’s Hard Swim?” Are you a good listener?  Show how well you paid attention to Ellie’s adventure by helping us retrace her steps.  Tell the story to a family member or friend who might not have read “It’s Hard to Swim.” This game is great for learning to pay attention to […]

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  • Hard to Swim – Synonym Word Game

    This is the Syn-o-nym Word Game for Ellie’s Book “It’s Hard to Swim” A synonym is a word that has almost the same meaning as another word. Read the book then play the Word Match Game to see how many synonyms you can match up!  Have Fun Learning! ~Ellie the Wienerdog

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